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The British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions

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Plenty Of Reasons To Join

As a BALPPA Member, you will belong to a group of like minded operators from all sectors of the Leisure Industry, including theme parks, animal attractions and family entertainment centres.

Running similar businesses, a big member benefit is being able to share common challenges and issues.

Grow your network

BALPPA opens many doors. As a BALPPA Member, you’ll have access to the named contacts for all operating Members, be able to meet fellow operators at numerous events and be able to ask the BALPPA Secretariat if you’d like a personal introduction.

Extend Your Team’s Knowledge

The BALPPA Event Seminars are going from strength to strength. Across the year specialist events are held for marketing to health and safety or even HR. The Seminars will ensure you and your staff are kept updated on industry developments.

Influence Your Sector

BALPPA is the voice of the Leisure, Park, Pier, Attraction and Indoor / Soft Play industry. Members can liaise directly with Industry Sub Groups and those involved in lobbying.

Obtain Critical Support

We all hope that our Members will never have any major disasters, however, should they occur you can feel rest assured knowing BALPPA is in your corner. Whether this is providing advice directly or putting you in touch with operators who have had similar issues, BALPPA will do everything to help.

Share Best Practice

Sharing knowledge and finding out best practice is a major advantage to being a BALPPA Member. If you want to find out how others in the industry solve their challenges, just ask the BALPPA team. They will either help you directly or put you in touch with a Member who can.

Free Advice Helplines

Have a legal issue? Every year, you can take advantage of our free advice legal, planning and accounting helplines.

Categories of Membership and Fees*

Membership fees vary upon the size and type of attraction. Please see a table of membership categories and fees* below. If you are unsure which category you belong to, please contact the BALPPA Secretariat – information@balppa.org.

Attraction Type Membership Type No. of Visitors p/a Fee*
Theme Park Theme Park Member 1 Up to 250k £1598
Theme Park Member 2 250k – 500k £2022
Theme Park Member 3 Over 500k £2791
Animal Attractions Animal Attractions Member 1 Up to 100k £350
Animal Attractions Member 2 100k – 250k £727
Animal Attractions Member 3 250k – 500k £924
Animal Attractions Member 4 500k – 1m £1234
Animal Attractions Member 5 Over 1m £1645
Family Entertainment Centre FEC Member 1 Up to 50k £153
FEC Member 2 50k – 150k £307
FEC Member 3 150k – 250k £410
FEC Member 4 250k – 500k £665
FEC Member 5 over 500k £869
Associate Members Operators £164
Pier Pier Member 1 Up to 100k £424
Pier Member 2 100k – 250k £819
Pier Member 3 250k – 500k £1242
Pier Member 4 500k – 1m £2075
Pier Member 5 Over 1m £3099
Attraction / Farm Parks Attraction / Farm Park Member 1 Up to 100k £357
Attraction / Farm Park Member 2 100k – 250k £727
Attraction / Farm Park Member 3 250k – 500k £924
Attraction / Farm Park Member 4 500k – 1m £1242
Attraction / Farm Park Member 5 Over 1m £3961
Overseas Operators Overseas Operating Member 1 Up to 500k £378
  Overseas Operating Member 2 Over 500k £596

*Please note: All fees listed in the above table are exclusive of VAT

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Sponsorship opportunities are available exclusively to BALPPA Trade Members at most of our events. Please contact events@balppa.org for more information.